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ASQ Development Screens

We screen our children with child development screening tools at frequent intervals.  This ensures special needs are identified and appropriately met.  The: “ASQ-3 Steps Ahead Developmental Screening” evaluations are used to assess five major areas of development in children ranging in age from one month to five and one half years.  During infancy through early childhood, children accrue many experiences and obtain a spectrum of skills.  These first five years of life are critical.  For children, these years construct the basis for success levels toward future education into adulthood.  It’s vital to assure each child’s development proceeds well during this period.

This screening targets five major areas of development that include:  motor skills – both fine and gross, communication, cognitive development, and personal-social development. Our screenings are performed at regularly-scheduled intervals.  They are designed to efficiently and accurately identify children who benefit from further evaluation.  Whenever merited, parent consultation is undertaken and agreement upon appropriately-timed intervention is coordinated between parents and teachers. Pertinent staff at Green Meadows Preschool are trained to administer and evaluate these screenings.

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