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Apply for a Position at Green Meadows Preschool

Either Print the PDF Job Application or fill out the Online Job Application

Green Meadows Preschool encourages applications from individuals who enjoy working with young children. We want you to have the capacity and confidence in yourself and others to develop warm, connected, and long-term personal relationships.


We ask this of you because we need a strong rapport with the children in our care and your communications with parents. Patience, flexibility, resourcefulness, independent thinking, a sense of humor, and the capacity of sustained effort are qualities we look for in staff.  We seek individuals who have their head in the game and are highly attentive.


Call, email, or drop by the school to fill out an application during business hours. We look forward to meeting you!

Head Teachers

Head teachers are responsible for each classroom. Each is well-trained, with either previous experience and/or a university degree with a major in early childhood education (or equivalent). Continuing education is also required and each teacher completes 12 hours a year of state-approved classes with continuing education each year. Teachers are also trained in CPR.

Classroom Aides

Classroom assistants supplement our professionally-trained teachers. These aides work in a full or part-time capacity. They have a high love and interest in the success and happiness of children and are seeking a broader experience in the child care field. We strive to retain those with higher acumen in our field and often promote them where merited.

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