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The discipline of young children is a sensitive topic where balance, trust, judgment, and understanding are important elements to respect.  Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes.


Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. Love and Logic is our way of working with children that puts parents and teachers back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences.


Giving positive verbal rewards encourages acceptable behavior. This reinforces a child’s positive feelings about his/her behavior and serves as an easy and identifiable example to observing children also wanting high praise. When asking a child to stop and think about unpleasant behavior, it provides the opportunity to focus on self-control and adjust behavior using thoughtfulness. With younger students we find re-direction to be an effective approach to handle what otherwise may become unruly behavior. When an absence of cooperation occurs during group listening situations, a student will be seated beside the teacher and reminded what appropriate behavior is for that setting. In the event this is not successful, distancing the child from the group to a:  “thinking spot” is the next option.  


A thinking spot is absolutely not a punishment, it’s an opportunity for a child to calm down, identify what behavior the teacher seeks, and determine a moment the student is ready to rejoin the group, empowered with a better comprehension of appropriate behavior.

If a notable behavior problems persists, parent(s) are asked to conference or discuss what may be helpful in motivating their child to more appropriately behave. It might be suggested a child could benefit from a behavior modification program. Parent participation is critical for success in such a program. Professional behavior therapists are available at no charge; parental consent and participation is required in these situations.  


For problems that extend for unreasonable durations of time without improvement, Green Meadows Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment if it is determined behaviors undermine appropriate functioning at the school.

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